Best VPN for Alberta

Canada presents a huge VPN market, and if you can find a VPN tailored to your needs there, Canada does nothing but sweeten the pot. Alberta is one of the westernmost provinces, known for its oil and natural gas reserves.

Plus, it’s a diverse place to live and has many famous faces born there. One of them is none other than WWE superstar Natalya, who holds multiple records as one of the veterans of spectacular sports entertainment.

While in Alberta, your internet traffic flows through Canadian and United States data centers. You probably don’t need to feel comfortable with this, especially considering how US jurisdictions require unrestricted federal access to data when needed for investigative purposes.

Additionally, there are considerations for counterterrorism measures and data privacy laws that seem to change every two seconds.

Security and accessibility are two of the biggest reasons you’ll want to get a VPN as an Alberta native. After all, there are some US-exclusive shows on services like Netflix, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to watch them. This is just the tip of the iceberg where geo-restricted services are concerned

In this article, we take a look at the five best VPN service providers for Alberta, Canada, and why they are so appealing.

Best VPN for Alberta, Canada

ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Alberta

Best VPN for Alberta - ExpressVPN for Alberta

ExpressVPN unblocks Hulu, CNN Go, Peacock TV, and other geo-restricted content in Alberta without hassle. The VPN service also has automatic and fast obfuscation to hide your VPN traffic from Rogers, Bell, Telus, and the Canadian government.

ExpressVPN’s most significant selling point is its fast and automatic obfuscation on all servers and encryption protocols. In contrast, the other VPN service providers I tested only offer obfuscation over their OpenVPN protocols, and it’s extremely slow.

With obfuscation, ExpressVPN ensures you can safely unblock content, bypass VPN traffic blocks, defeat censorship firewalls and use a VPN without detection in Alberta.

That makes it my go-to streaming provider in Alberta since Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and other major streaming services never catch on that I’m using a VPN. To bolster that, this provider has 3000+ servers in 94 countries (including Canada) to unblock content libraries in more regions than NordVPN.

Like NordVPN, ExpressVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption to keep snoops, your government, internet service providers like Rogers and Telus, and other third parties out of your data.

I also tested the feature via Wireshark, and I’m not disappointed. It extends this encryption courtesy to public Wi-Fi networks.  However, it doesn’t have an automatic setup like NordVPN. Thus, I had to always remember to manually enable the VPN on untrusted public Wi-Fi. 

That’s definitely not as convenient. I enjoyed ExpressVPN’s P2P support on all servers, ensuring fast and secure torrent download speeds over the Rogers network. Thankfully, the VPN makes it such that your ISP and copyright trolls won’t see the torrent sites you visit or files you download. However, it’s the most expensive VPN provider I tested for this list.

ExpressVPN Pros & Cons


  • Canadian servers in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver to unblock Canadian content from Alberta or abroad
  • 3000+ servers to unblock content in 94 countries
  • Fast and automatic obfuscation on all servers and protocols
  • P2P support on all servers to securely unblock torrent sites and download files
  • Uses AES 256-bit encryption for online privacy on public or private internet networks


  • No Alberta Servers
  • Doesn’t offer automatic public Wi-Fi protection
  • Expensive VPN provider

ExpressVPN Speedtest

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